At Speakaboos, making an interactive app is a team endeavor that requires the collaboration of the Content Producer, the Pedagogy and Research Team, the Animation Director, the Animators, the Sound Designer and the Developers. Here is an overview of my art-direction process based on the example of Little Red Riding Hood.

Watch video of Little Red Riding Hood meeting the wolf


I create a visual brief that suggests illustrators and explain what their particular can bring to the story. I share this brief with the Content Team and we discuss the needs for a unique type of artwork that will enhance our catalog, with the technical challenges and limitations of that style.

I contact the illustrator or their agent, and discuss budget and timeline with them. Most illustrators come from a print background and I explain the process and requirements of making digital art for animation. We discuss budget and timeline for the process. Most illustrators also work remotely, in different time zones